Spotify testing HealthKit integration to match workouts with songs that motivate you

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Soon, Spotify can offer users one of its most personalized features yet: songs and playlists that motivate you while working out. According to designer Chris Messina, who found references on Spotify code, the app tests HealthKit integration to "get the right music for your workout."

Here's how Spotify describes its plan to use your Health data:

"This data will allow Spotify to match your workouts with what you listen to and see what audio motivates you best. Workout data includes the type of workout, distance, and pace or speed."

Here, it's interesting to note that Spotify uses "audio" instead of songs, as some people enjoy exercising while listening to podcasts. If this feature ever comes to life, the music streaming service will bring precisely the tune to make your workouts easier.

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Since Spotify already offers a ton of curated playlists, imagine combining your favorite songs with someone you like to run or go to the gym with. As of now, it's unclear when this feature will land and exactly how the service will take advantage of your Health data, but it's interesting that Spotify just revamped its Apple Watch app.

In addition, Messina saw a few other things coming to the app on the music streaming service code. For example, the app will prompt a new pop-up to request App Tracking:

You're in control.

Allow tracking to receive relevant Spotify promotions and marketing messages.

You can update your choice anytime in your iOS settings.

Last but not least, Spotify appears to be readying a subscription page to its iOS app to poke Apple regarding the fact that users need to subscribe or change their plan on the web and not on the app, as Spotify wants to avoid the Cupertino company's 30% tax. This upcoming page will show your current subscription, what you get from it, and the following phrase:

You can't make changes to your plan in app. We know it's not ideal."

As you know, Spotify's CEO criticized Apple a few times this year regarding app update approval and its so-called monopoly on the App store.

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